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& Optimization

Who-be-what-a my optimization?  

Exactly!  This is a special universe of its own.  Created for those who dare to go where no man has gone before.  (Queue Star Trek Score.)

Intrigued?  So, while we do mention this aspect during trainings and workshops, it's not one that we recommend you dive into completely on your own.  It's a wild ride into cyber space and requires very special mechanisms and a level of patience that, well, we certainly don't claim to have, but we've taken the plunge in the dark hole and come out the other side alive, but certainly not unscathed.  

That said, it's best to hire out for this one.  Whether you chose us or go with someone else, we recommend you keep both feet safely planted on planet earth.  

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  We love how people fling it around with no regard for those in the room who aren't Business majors or Online Marketers.  But, we'll be kind and explain:  basically, it's using a series of triggers that search engines respond well to in order to get people who are searching online to YOUR site.  The bottomline is to connect those who need what you have to offer with you!

The cool part is that this is all trackable, and we can print out your specific Analytics, or reports containing data on your demographic.  For instance, who visited your site, when they visited, which social media posts attracted what type of consumer, etc.  From this data we can find potential areas for growth as well and stick with what seems to be working best.

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