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Our number one goal is to bring you more business and help you sustain your loyal followers.  With that in mind we offer one-on-one consulting.  Once you are up and running with a marketing routine, you may feel it's time to set sail on your own.  That's an achievable goal and we can help you get there. But, say you need a little wind in those sails from time to time.  Don't be shy, just pick up the phone and give us a jingle and we can be there with a great big bucket of hot air in no time!  Or, say, you just hit a road bump and forgot how one thing or another works.  If it's a quick question, don't be afraid to just reach out - no charge for a quick call text or email, no worries.  Sometimes you just want us to update the website or teach you how to do it.  Perhaps you need help with a press release or media plan, we're right here.  Event planning? We can help you create a marketing campaign to make it a successful event.  Whatever the need, just give us a call.

Check our fee schedule for rates.

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