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Customized Websites

Meeting your Customer's ~ Client's Needs

While we know you aren't there to meet every conceivable need for your customer or client, we do believe you want to be the first one they think of for the needs you can meet. While paying their monthly bills may not be up your alley (unless of course you're their spouse or accountant....or, heaven forbid, both) letting them know that you ccan provide them with the very best product or service that you specifically offer will have them knocking down the proverbial door to your business. But how do you get them to that door?  What tools will help you gain and retain more customer and client relationships? That's where we come in - to help you help your business. 

Creating the perfect online landing pad

While those in the retail and service business benefit from a detailed eCommerce site fully equipped with a shopping cart and payout method, others might simply need a single page streamlined website.  Using third party sites, like Facebook or Etsy, come with a huge disadvantage.  They don't let you really show off your business in the way you want.  They are promoting their brand, not your's, and the competition to even be found can be astronomical.  If you have a website, you can direct all your clients back to your brand....your cart....and earn your fair share of the profit without having it whittled down. Sure...use them to market your products, but once you gain loyal followers they will go directly to your site, giving you the full bang for your buck.

We can create a full eCommerce website equipped with a shopping cart and POS (point of sale)  Square, Paypal, social media links, demo videos, photographs, internal links, SEO (i.e. get you found!)  and so much more.

Look for website design options on the fee schedule page.

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